Policies and Guidelines

Mission and Background Information: The Greater Seattle Endometriosis Group was developed to facilitate on-line and in-person conversations with women and their support systems regarding effective treatment and management of Endometriosis. We are a division of the Endometriosis Research Center (ERC). More information about the ERC is located at https://www.endocenter.org/.

Policy on Recommending Medical Professionals: The Greater Seattle ERC does not recommend or endorse one particular physician or medical professional. However, we recognize that choosing a well-qualified surgeon can make a huge impact in the success of treating endometriosis.
Our criteria for listing doctors on our webpage are as follows:
1) The doctor is recognized as a national specialist in treating endometriosis and is recommended by leading organizations in the field of endometriosis support, such as the ERC or Nancy’s Nook, or
2) Many endometriosis patients have reported long term, successful treatment of their endometriosis with this doctor and recommend them being added to the list.
The following are criteria that we use to either remove doctors from our recommendation list or to decline adding them to our page:
1) The doctor regularly uses Lupron as a primary means of endometriosis treatment and management in patients.
2) The doctor recommends hysterectomy as a treatment for endometriosis, without thoroughly exploring other alternatives (such as pre-sacral neurectomy, excision, etc.) and without a diagnosis of uterine-specific conditions (such as adenomyosis).
3) The doctor is performing ablation on patients to treat endometriosis rather than excision.
4) There are multiple documented cases of the doctor minimizing patient’s pain, dismissing their symptoms as psychological, stating their symptoms are a result of prior assault or trauma, disrespecting patients, or otherwise placing blame on the patient rather than the disease.
5) Subsequent surgery with a recognized specialist indicates that surgical techniques used by the previous doctor were sub-standard, disease was left behind, etc.”