About Us

The Seattle Endo Group is dedicated to educating and supporting individuals with Endometriosis in order to help control and manage symptoms related to endometriosis.  Our members are willing to share their vast collective knowledge of symptom management and resources.  All are welcome!  Take the first step and attend a monthly meeting!

The ERC of Greater Seattle is run 100% by the generous efforts of volunteers.  We strive to provide outreach education and support to all via online and in-person support.  Join us for your own support and to help other women with endo!

  • Endometriosis effects 1:10 women world-wide.
  • Reported endometriosis costs:  Estimates of total direct costs (US dollars 2022) $1459 to $20,239/patient per year and indirect costs $4572 and US$14,079/patient per year in the USA**.
  • Endometriosis effects women equally across racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Fertility rates increase after excision surgery.

Left undiagnosed or untreated, endometriosis can be a frustrating condition.  Painful periods can cause you to miss work or school and can strain relationships.  Recurring pain can lead to depression, irritability, anxiety, anger, and feelings of helplessness.  Infertility linked to endometriosis also can cause emotional distress.  That’s why it’s important to seek treatment if you suspect you may have endometriosis.  Keeping a record (pain journal) of your symptoms can aid your doctor in your diagnosis.

Finding appropriate help and support from those who have experienced similar symptoms is essential.  The Endometriosis Research Center of Greater Seattle is just the resource!

Joining our group is FREE.  We would love to meet you!  Join the ERC of Greater Seattle

**Resource:  Economic Implications of Endometriosis:  A Review.

*The Endometriosis Research Center (ERC), also known as the ERC of Greater Seattle, is registered with Washington State’s Charities Program as required by law. ERC Registration #39094. Additional information is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting http://www.sos.wa.gov/charities.