Support: Live and Online

The Greater Seattle ERC holds live meetings once every 2 months; however, they are on hold secondary to Covid-19.  When we return, all are welcome to attend including spouses, partners, family members, and supportive friends.

Endo Awareness

Upcoming Live Endo Support and Education Meetings

  • Live support is on hold secondary to COVID-19
  • Online support:  We have a Facebook Group!  Look for the Greater Seattle Endometriosis Group.  This is a closed group, but it is easy to join.  Simply submit a request!

Why Endo Support?  

Left undiagnosed or untreated, endometriosis can be a frustrating condition. Painful periods can cause you to miss work or school and can strain relationships. Recurring pain can lead to depression, irritability, anxiety, anger, and feelings of helplessness. Infertility linked to endometriosis also can cause emotional distress. That’s why it’s important to seek treatment if you suspect you may have endometriosis and support. Keeping a record (pain journal) of your symptoms can aid your doctor in your diagnosis.

Finding appropriate help and support from those who have experienced similar symptoms is essential.